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I have created a unit plan (152 pages) that will help students navigate through this topical read. This unit includes 5 quizzes, a final essay, a final exam, and over a dozen articles and activities. The book itself covers heavy topics for a YA novel. I put grades 9-12 because you can pick and choose what activities/articles you feel comfortable using in your class or use the unit plan in its entirety.

There are several articles with follow up questions and activities that create conversation around interracial dating, police brutality, debunking black on black crime, being a minority at an all-white school, Emmett Till, Black Panthers, riots/protests, and so much more!

There are also activities, writing prompts, and worksheets that help students connect to the text, analyze the text, and critically think about its connections to the real world.

I have also attached pertinent lyrics and supplemental text to help enhance this reading experience. This novel will be a movie soon and it is perfect for our students to begin discussing and thinking about these tough issues in the safety of a classroom.

I have also added my PERSONAL pacing guide as an example, common core standards, and anti-bias strands from Teaching For Tolerance.

I was inspired by this novels attempt at giving voice to young people and created a unit that is plentiful and full of depth and variety.

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